Pip Violetta

Former Healing Potion and Stress Relief in a bottle, Captain, "Not my Fault!"


Chibi Pixie Bard 12


Subdued and captured by agents of Cpt. Harringan off the streets of Port Peril, Pip was press ganged into service aboard the Wormwood. Magical shackles prevented her from flying away from the ship and her tiny size made her unsuitable for any position on the ship other swab at first, unfortunately for her what she was ideally sized for was being stuffed in a jar and used for the Captain’s sick pleasures. She refuses to acknowledge this dark period of her life aboard the Wormwood, and her friends and crew pretend it never happened.
While aboard the Wormwood she formed friendships with Sandra Quinn, Rosie Cusswell, Owlbear Hartshorn, Maera the Mermaid and Despore the Nagaji.
After the mutiny, she was able to convince the new crew of the Spiny Tentacle to accept her as Captain.
She has an attitude that ranges from benign neglect to neglectful tyranny towards Conchobhar Shortstone, but as of yet she has not thrown him of the ship for annoying her.
She gained the undying devotion of Azure the Malenti by rescuing her.
Captain Merrill Pegsworthy views her as a fellow antagonist to Cheliaxian Interests.
Prior to winning the Free Captains’ Regatta, she attracted the interest of Tessa Fairwind, afterward she has been a valuable asset to Fairwind’s plans to preserve the independence of the Shackles.
During her inaugural greeting party for other lords of the Shackles a saboteur sank most of the ranking lords ships in her harbor despite her and her crew-mates best efforts, she insists this was not her fault.

Pip Violetta

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